Glenn Medical Center was constructed in 1949 and since that time has served the medical needs of Glenn County and surrounding area residents. The Medical Center is the only acute care hospital in Glenn County and also provides much needed care for travelers on Interstate 5, and visitors to our local and thriving racetrack.

Who we are?

Glenn Medical Center in Willows, California, is a Critical Access Hospital offering inpatient, outpatient and rural health clinic services. We accept Medicare, Medi-Cal and most insurance company referrals. To obtain information on specific billing or insured program participation, please call our business office at: 530-934-1800.

Our Goals

As we strive to provide primary care, disease management and prevention, and wellness education within the local community, we are dedicated to the following goals:

  • To continually improve the quality of our health care by striving for the highest standards.
  • To work together, as partners, within our community to increase health care services that are accessible and affordable.
  • To maintain public trust through our commitment to long-term involvement in the well-being of our community.
  • To share resources and expertise with our community.
  • To actively teach and promote community and individual responsibility for disease prevention through the provision of health and disease prevention programs.

Glenn Medical Center History

Glenn Medical Center was constructed in 1949 and since that time has served the medical needs of Glenn County and surrounding area residents. Glenn Medical Center is the only Emergency Department and acute care hospital in Glenn County, providing much needed care for travelers on Interstate 5, and visitors to our local Thunderhill Raceway Park.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s a new program was approved by the Federal Government titled “Critical Access Hospital” (CAH). Small, rural facilities operating less than 25 inpatient beds and who were at least 35 miles away from another acute care hospital could apply for this special CAH designation. The advantage to becoming a CAH was improved reimbursement for services provided to Medicare and Medi-Cal patients, the majority of rural patients. While this new program resulted in saving many rural hospitals, operating aging rural healthcare facilities has remained a financial challenge.

Although the hospital had been operated by Glenn County for many years, in 1995 the Glenn County Board of Supervisors decided to lease operations to Enloe Medical Center in Chico, California. Enloe Medical Center assumed control of the operations of Glenn Medical Center in 1995 and continued to manage the hospital through June 30, 2006. In 2006, the Glenn County Board of Supervisors assigned the operating lease to Glenn Medical Center, Inc. (d/b/a, Glenn Medical Center), a 501c(3) not for profit corporation. Glenn County owns the land and buildings which are leased to GMC, Inc. GMC, Inc. took over the operating lease on July 1, 2006 and the board of GMC, Inc. continues to direct operations to this day.

However, after years of declining revenue and increasing expenses, Glenn Medical Center was on the verge of bankruptcy and prepared to close the doors forever in December 2017. GMC hospital administration reached out to American Advanced Management Group (AAMG), a Northern California based healthcare management group that had reopened neighboring Colusa Medical Center after it succumbed to bankruptcy. GMC Inc. is thankful that AAMG agreed to save Glenn Medical Center, and since December 2017 AAMG has focused on recruiting quality physicians, cosmetic updates, equipment improvements, quality patient care and community involvement. Once again, Glenn county residents have a medical center they can rely on and be proud of.

Glenn Medical Center appreciates the support of Glenn County and surrounding area residents and encourages everyone to continue this support to ensure that there is always an acute care hospital in Glenn County offering 24/7 emergency services, in-patient care, rehabilitation services, family practice clinics, on site laboratory and radiology including CT and MRI. For more information on how you can help Glenn Medical Center and the future of healthcare in Glenn County we invite you to call us 530-934-1800.

Meet Our Specialist

Dr. Mark Garrison


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Service Recipient Says

Client Photo
Karen Raclovese Designation

My father was admitted to Glenn Medical Center from Enloe because he required additional care. Every staff member that our family met was very caring and attentive to their responsibilities. Everyone listened to our dad and respected his opinions and needs. The location was a huge benefit. Our mom could easily drive to Willows. In addition, the Willows location was easier to drive to from the Bay Area than Chico. We hope the community continues to support Glenn Medical Center.

Client Photo
Goddess Of The Sea Designation

My mother got admitted to Glenn Medical for rehabilitation. Staff was excellent especially Physical Therapy and Respiratory. I highly recommend this hospital.

Client Photo
Susan Designation

I know the building is old, but remodeling is currently being completed. I look more to staff competence and care when rating a care facility. Last June my husband was admitted to Enloe Hospital and after a few days he needed to go to a skilled nursing facility for rehab. Glenn Medical Center is very close to our home and I was happy to have him transferred there. The staff was very proficient and competent in their duties. Everyone was very helpful. I felt my husband got the best of care. In fact, I would like to have been able to bring some of the staff home with me when my husband was discharged as he responded so well to their care. Overall, I think the caliber of their staff was on a par with Enloe's. I'm happy to have them in this small rural area - what a great service they provide!

Client Photo
Vera Slido Designation

Great nursing staff wonderful PT & OT on med surgical floor, I don't think you could get better rehabilitation care in any part of Northern California. Wound care team is outstanding with amazing results in getting the treatment customized for each patient. Hospitalist there daily, great nursing to patient ratios, caring CNA's willing to help out in any way, staff very welcoming to family and offer activities to patients. Don't over look this little gem for yourself or your family if the need ever comes. I went here and have been pleasantly surprised by the love and support offered, and most medical needs can be meet on site so no need for painful lifting and costly transportation costs